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Tired of that dowdy, mildewed bathroom? Want to give your home a make-over and increase your property value? Bathrooms Falkirk provide a range of services whether you want to renovate the entire bathroom or just replace the old tub. Why live with cracked tiles and chipped toilet seats when the professionals are standing by? We can help you find the best Falkirk bathroom fitter services at the lowest prices.

Bathroom Design Falkirk

There are a range of styles and designs to suit any home, regardless of size or aesthetics. We'll help you find the best Falkirk bathroom designer to work on your project. The main choice when it comes to bathroom design is deciding whether to go for a fitted or bespoke design. There are benefits to both choices. Always ask the professionals for help before deciding on what's best for you.

Fitted Bathrooms

Fitted bathrooms come in a range of styles, colours and finishes to suit rooms of any shape or size. Fitted suites come ready made and are generally installed more quickly, which can affect the cost. Not sure what's best for you? The bathroom professionals will be able to guide you through the selection process, ensuring your new bathroom suits not only enhance your home's aesthetics, but also provide a practical solution to all your sanitary needs.

Getting quotes from trusted home improvement specialists, absolutely free of charge, only takes a minute of your time. All you have to do is fill in our easy quote form with a few details and then sit back while we bring you no-obligation quotations from local tradesmen.
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Bespoke Bathrooms

These fully-customised bathroom designs are recommended if you have an unusual bathroom layout and don't want to have to redo plumbing and electrics. The professionals will help you through the decision making process, ensuring your bespoke design maximises space and light in your bathroom, meets your aesthetic and practical requirements and that the materials chosen fit within your budget.

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Bathroom Materials

One of the most important facets of Falkirk bathrooms is the materials used. All bathrooms should ideally not only look good but be functional and easy to keep clean. Some popular materials include the following:

  • Tiles for the floor and wall
  • Porcelain or ceramic basin and bathtub
  • Marble for basins, side boards and tubs
  • Stainless steel tap fixtures
  • Chrome tap fixtures
  • Laminated or varnished wood furnishings (Iroko, Teak, Oak and Wenge wood are popular)

The bathroom, being regularly damp, can result in the presence of moulds. Depending on your ventilation system, wood may not always be the best choice for a bathroom where moisture can cause damage to wooden furniture. Carpets in bathrooms are also not recommended, as the constant moisture may result in damage to the pile and lining, causing carpets to peel off the floor. Moisture-resistant paints are strongly recommended for bathroom walls and ceilings.

Falkirk Bathroom Installation Costs

The cost of all bathrooms depends on several factors: the size and layout, the customisation of the design, the types of materials used and the labour involved. The larger the bathroom and more detailed the design, the more expensive the job is likely to be. Choosing vintage bathtubs or designer showers may also affect the price. Always discuss the materials to be used before signing a contract to avoid any further costs.

Refurbishing your bathroom doesn't have to cost a fortune. With our access to a network of bathroom specialists, we can put you in contact with the professionals, ensuring high quality services at affordable prices. Whether you want fitted or bespoke Falkirk bathrooms, we can help. Take a minute to fill in our online form describing your dream bathroom, and we'll do the rest. Get up to four free, no obligation quotes from our network today, and that bathroom you've always wanted could be yours.

Your Falkirk bathroom questions answered

What are the most common bathroom jobs that contractors are called to do?

Oddly enough, toilet replacement is the most common call, especially in households with small children. Other than that, bathtub repair and replacement and cabinet remodeling are also popular and common calls.

How frequently do bathroom components need to be replaced?

That depends on the amount of traffic in the room and how well it is kept. A good toilet can last you for 15-20 years, unless you have small children shoving every toy known to man in it. There is no set amount of time for these things.

Is it difficult to turn a half bathroom into a full one?

That depends on the amount of space you have available and the type of fixtures you plan to add.

Can bathrooms be placed in a basement?

Yes, so long as you install special toilets that flush upwards rather than down and out.

How many bathrooms should I include in my new Falkirk home floor plan?

Depending on the number of bedrooms, you may need two or three full baths. If your home contains multiple stories, you may want at least one half bath on each floor as well.

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